2006ー2015 photo&painting

"USALYMAN" is the name of the series of AYACO NAKAMURA's illustration / photography of Japanese corporate employees (called Salary-man in Japan).

The word "USALYMAN"is a coinage made from the Japanese words "USAGI (Rabbit)" and "SALALY-MAN (corporate employee)".

Ayaco Nakamura is an illustrator / photographer. She does not have any experience of being a corporate employee, but she has seen a variety of corporate employees in different Tokyo business districts, and has been inspired by them.

On her illustrations, she expresses her imaginative Japanese stereotype "Salary-man" in Tokyo. In contrast, her photographs show real "Salary-man" at their actual workplaces.

USALYMAN was first exhibited at 4C sightseeing tour: How urban culture inspires creativity / Saatchi & Saatchi, (London, UK) in 2007.

A one-man show was held at BEAMS JAPAN B GALLERY (Tokyo, JAPAN) in 2010&2014.


257mm×183mm / 20P / 中綴じ製本  

/ 2018年(改装版 4版)